Thanksgiving: A Million Cat gratitude list

November 21, 2017

Just the other day here at Million Cat HQ, we were sitting around talking about all the things we have to be thankful for. Mainly, you and all the hard work and determination you put into saving cats day in, day out. But then we thought, hey, that just doesn’t seem to tell the whole story.  So we stood around the table — we can’t sit because it might disturb the cats — and made this Thanksgiving Day Million Cat Gratitude List:

  1. That more than 1,200 shelters came together and pledged to save 1 million more cats in five years… and you did it early!
  2. That so many strong, passionate advocates and organizations have stepped up for cats and the Challenge
  3. That all the most progressive animal welfare organizations in North America lent their support to the cause of saving cats’ lives
  4. That a little Schnauzer named Maddie became the first dog to save 1 million cats! #ThanksToMaddie
  5. That somehow, in between running your shelters, managing marketing of cats for adoption, overseeing logistics for housing and caring for cats, and keeping an eye on your organizations’ books, you’ve also found time to share your experience and insight with other shelters, present and attend webinars, and share your resources with other Challengers
  6. That we aren’t finished yet, and we’re going forward together, for the cats!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, for proving again and again that #EveryCatCounts!

Happy Thanksgiving from Kate, Julie, and the Million Cat Team

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