It might be time to relax when introducing cats

August 29, 2016

Are you diligently and thoroughly advising adopters on how to introduce a new cat into the family? Does your counsel include slowly letting Resident Cat and New Cat become aware of the other’s presence, trading blankets and exchanging paw shakes under the door before ever dreaming of removing that barrier? Turns out, many of your adopters are ignoring your advice. Say what?!

Come on, admit it, we kind of already knew that.

Guess what? It’s okay. There is no evidence to support a speedy intro will increase the likeliness your new feline duo will bicker. A better use of our limited counseling time might be spent setting adopters expectations about the likelihood that their cats will quarrel, how long they should expect this to go on, and what their options are if it’s simply not a match made in heaven.

Our own Dr. Kate Hurley summarized a study about cat introductions over on the Maddie’s Fund blog. You can read it at, “Study: How important are gradual introductions between newly-adopted and existing cats?

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