ICYMI: Webinar on how shelters can get lost cats back to their families, now on-demand!

January 16, 2018

Nothing’s more discouraging than reviewing statistics on how few cats get reunited with their families after they come into an animal shelter. Discouragement is definitely not the Million Cat message, so put that out of your mind and instead focus on the good news: Your shelter, your community, and people who have lost their cats can all do plenty to get those MIA felines back to their families!

In this Million Cat Challenge webinar with Brigid Wasson of Missing Pet Partnership, you’ll learn about the issues behind low reclaim rates, including owners not knowing what to do when their cat goes missing and finders not knowing how to locate the owner (or believing the cat has been abandoned or abused and needs to be “rescued”).

In her presentation, Wasson covers:

  • The surprising behaviors of missing cats
  • The most effective search techniques for finding them when they go missing
  • What not to do, including myths and popular beliefs that can do more harm than good
  • The behavior of owners and how animal shelter staff and volunteers can best counsel them to find their pet
  • The behavior of finders who may mean well but do all the wrong things, further hindering a cat’s reunion with the owner

View Reunited: How owners of missing pets, finders, and shelters can work together to maximize cat reclaims below:

Can’t get enough? Check out all the archived Million Cat webinars here!

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