ICYMI: How to deal with a deluge of kittens in your shelter

November 10, 2016

An animal shelter isn’t a good place for kittens too young to be adopted, whether they’re orphaned or not. What if you could inspire the community to step up and care for these fragile little lives until they were 8 weeks old?

They’re doing just that at Miami-Dade Animal Services, and Chief Veterinarian Dr. Maria Serrano and Director Alex Muñoz want to help other shelters do it, too. Some of their strategies include:

  • Providing resources, including formula and food, to help community members foster kittens too young for adoption
  • Finding out how to ask Good Samaritans to keep the kittens out of the shelter until they’re old enough to be adopted

If you missed their earlier presentation, “The Milk Man and Wait Until 8 Programs: Saving Cats and Kittens by Thinking Outside the Box,” we have it for you here on-demand.

To watch, view the video below or visit our YouTube channel.

Want other ideas on what to do about kittens in your community? Visit the “Alternatives to Intake” resource area on our website!



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