ICYMI: How a ‘Foster to Surrender’ program can expand your shelter’s lifesaving capacity

October 4, 2016

Ever wished you had more foster homes? You may have overlooked one easy source: the people who show up at your shelter with cats and kittens needing your help.

“Through our Foster to Surrender program, we have been able to help hundreds of animals each year who previously faced euthanasia because they had an infectious disease at the time of intake and were a risk to the health of our current population,” said presenter Sharon Harvey, President and CEO, Cleveland Animal Protective League. “All it took was approaching the Good Samaritans, who had already demonstrated they cared by bringing these animals to us, with the same trust and open dialogue we use when doing open adoptions. And, when we ask them to help just a little bit more by fostering with our support, so many, many of them say yes!”

In the webinar below, she’s joined by APL Director of Operations Ayse Dunlap. Together, they share how APL did it, and how your shelter can, too!



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