How to keep cats out of the shelter by keeping them in their homes

December 6, 2015

bigstock-beautiful-cat-on-the-sofa-81852035The best time to keep a cat their homes and out of your shelter is long before their human families put them outside or bring them in your doors. Now, thanks to a low-cost online course from HSUS, identifying those families and helping them and their cats is in your reach!

From Animal Sheltering:

In this course you’ll discover proven techniques for keeping cats successfully in their homes and translate this knowledge into community-wide programs that will help keep more cats safe and happy in lifelong homes.

Instructed by The Humane Society of the United States’ cat behavior experts, this course curriculum is based on strategies we know to be successful in efficiently resolving cat behavior challenges, and includes materials and case studies from leading experts in cat behavior and retention. This 10 week course is considered instructor-led asynchronous, meaning that each week students complete course modules at their own pace and will have interaction and feedback from an instructor. Students should expect to put in at least five hours of study per week. The cost of the course is $40, plus the cost of required reading (books and other resources).

Course qualifcations include afflication with an animal welfare organization that actively serves the public, being in a position to implement what’s learned in the class for that organization, and being willing and able to supply data to HSUS for your organization.

Applications for the winter course are open now, and close Dec. 20, 2015. Applications for the spring, summer, and fall courses open throughout the year.

For more information and to sign up, click here.

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