How to create 3,663,432,000 minutes of portalized happiness

March 22, 2018


Doc Tracie of Suwannee PAWS wants a portal- bad!

Doc Tracie of Suwannee PAWS wants a portal- bad!

We gave ourselves 10 days to see if we could raise enough money to say YES to every single shelter that wanted to portalize—and now we get to count our impact by the billions

We couldn’t do it. We couldn’t go through with the Portal It Forward drawing on March 7, even after we asked you, Million Cat Challenge shelters, to send us notes and photos telling us why you (and your cats) need portals.

We just couldn’t do it, knowing there were over 300 portal asks that would be left unfunded. Your fellow Challengers’ submissions pulled every heartstring we had between us, so we decided we could LEAVE NO PORTAL BEHIND! We gave ourselves 10 days to see what we could do, and we set off to beg our supporters to please help you get the portals you need to make cats happy and safe.

So, what happened? In less than 24 hours, we called all our friends, launched a Go Fund Me campaign, and then sat there nervously staring at the computer screen waiting to see what the response would be. Would anyone care???

Oh, yeah. Lots of people care! We’ve done the final portal math, and between the Maddie’s Hero Award that kicked this thing off, your support, a few behind-the-scenes donors, everyone who shared the campaign (big shout-out to Fear Free Pets!), and generous grants from the ASPCA that will directly fund portals for 3 of the contestants…

We will be able to provide (drumroll, please) a total of 697 portals to 39 shelters!!!!!!

This is more than double what were aiming for when we started this campaign, and believe us, every single one of those portals is desperately needed and will be deeply appreciated.

Let’s just think about the math on this a bit more. A stainless-steel cage with a portal in it will easily last another 10 years. Let’s say that in a year, about 30 cats will pass through an average shelter cage. That means our little campaign will impact at least 254,405 cats (that’s 697 x 10 x 30 for those of you following along with your calculators). More than a quarter million!

For some of those cats, the portal literally means the difference between life and death.
For every one of those cats, the portal will make all the difference for every minute she is in confinement.

If we assume that shelter cats will be in those cages about 23 hours a day (with one hour on the lap of a friendly volunteer or staff member, we hope), that adds up to 3,663,432,000 minutes of portalized happiness Dr. Hurley passed out when the contest was finally over.

Adele takes over Kate's body for 30 seconds. Thank goodness we had a camera ready!

Adele takes over Kate’s body for 30 seconds. Thank goodness we had a camera ready!

She said drawing the names of the lucky winners was about the most fun she’s ever had in her whole life. Was it the disco music? Naps and snacks? One thing’s for sure, Mr. Rogers would be proud.  It’s not every day that we get to count our impact by the billions, is it?

If you contributed to the Portal It Forward campaign, thank you for changing the outcome for every cat that passes through that door.  The project will continue to run indefinitely, hopefully allowing every shelter the opportunity to see what’s on the other side.  If you’d like to support this work you can do so here.

Dr. Hurley crossed "Oprah moment" off her list!

Dr. Hurley crossed “Oprah moment” off her list!

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