How a little hole can help community cats

January 23, 2018

Portalmania for feral cats? You bet!

When the Challengers at FieldHaven Feline Center in California let us know they were using portalized housing — two cat cages connected with a portal, allowing the cats to have more room and a greater sense of security — to reduce stress for feral cats, we were intrigued. We reached out to executive director Joy Smith to find out exactly how they put portals in play to help community cats.

FieldHaven has a building on its grounds called Buck’s Barn. “It’s a boarding house of sorts for people doing trapping and TNR projects in the county,” said Smith. “If a cat is trapped, they can hang out in Buck’s Barn until their spay/neuter appointment day. We also use it to provide excellent post-op care for those cats who can’t go right back to their community for one reason or another.”

Buck’s Barn serves another purpose, too. “We sometimes call it the ‘chillin’ house,'” Smith said. “When we have cats come in who are tagged as ‘feral’ or ‘fractious,’ we let them hang there for a few days while we assess their personalities.  If they truly are feral, they’ll head just next door to Camp Joe Willie until they get a job as a Rodent Ranger.  Those who get over their nerves and turn into purring puddles of lap warmers will head across the road to our main adoption center.  We’ve found that at least half of those ‘ferals’ really aren’t.”

FieldHaven installed 10 portals into cages that were donated to them. Said Smith, “They’re now a crucial feature in Buck’s Barn, designed to keep our guests as stress-free as possible during their stay with us.”




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  1. This is a fantastic idea. Wish we had this here in Arizona.

    Comment by Sherry Whitcomb — February 2, 2018 @ 12:40 am

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