16 tips that will make hot weather TNR safer for cats

August 29, 2017

If you live in area where temperatures run on the hot side – and it does seem thermometer readings are on the rise everywhere lately – you’ll want to be particularly careful not to cause dangerous over-heating in cats who are already stressed from being trapped. Here are 16 hot weather trapping tips compiled by Challenge co-founder Dr. Julie Levy. (She lives in Florida, where they know a thing or two about hot weather.)

Cats are most likely to overheat when they thrash in the trap, are boxed up, or are under stress. Minimizing those conditions should help reduce the period of risk. Here are 16 tips based on the ideas and experiences of expert hot weather trappers:

1. Set traps in shade, even if that requires setting up a canopy of some kind.

2. Make sure traps are placed on grass or another cool surface, not pavement.

3. Use large traps so cats can spread out their surface area.

4. Trap and release in the coolest time of day, or at night.

5. Consider putting a reflective layer on the top of the trap, as long as that does not impede air circulation.

6. Never leave the trap unattended!

7. Trap covers should be light and breathable – use thin sheets.

8. Move cats to climate control immediately.

9. Monitor vehicle interior temperatures and don’t overload. Air circulation can be inconsistent in cargo spaces.

10. Assure that volunteers keep cats in climate control before/after surgery. That means no garage, porch, or patio housing.

11. Administer SQ fluids to all cats post-op.

12. Minimize confinement time, since cats are less likely to drink in traps.

13. Consider attaching little battery powered fans or misters like the ones people wear at outdoor sporting events to the traps.

14. Watch for cat panting. It’s the surest sign of overheating.

15. In large-scale trapping near electricity, set up large industrial fans.

16. Turn around lactating cats especially fast so they can get back to mitigating heat for their kittens.

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  1. I freeze water bottles and have one in each trap. I also put bags of ice between the traps. The traps are raised up on 1″X1″ boards so the cat does not get wet as the ice melts. And the water can drain

    Comment by Nissa Stephenson — August 29, 2017 @ 3:04 pm

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