Facebook Live can triple your shelter’s social media engagement!

September 8, 2016

Most marketing experts will tell you that we are entering a new golden age: video. If their predictions are correct, in five years the majority of the content you see and share online will be video.

What that means for you today: You can reach over three times the number of people on social media by utilizing Facebook Live as you can simply posting a photo or video that isn’t shot in real time. Why? Because tech giant Facebook is battling the Snapchats, Periscopes, Meerkats, YouTubes, and Twitches of the world, and is giving your live streaming content top billing to do it.

By now you’ve noticed that all of your followers don’t see all of your posts.  In fact, in an organic post you are lucky to reach 10 percent of your audience. It stinks. Facebook algorithms are ever changing and tough to crack, but this tip is as straightforward as it gets:

Go live, and Facebook will tell all your followers.

Tips for going live:

1) Make certain you announce that you are going live! If you want people to tune in, you need to tell them to. Let them know what time you’ll be live streaming and what they’ll be missing if they don’t join in the fun. An engaging event description goes a long way here.

2) Check your wifi connection before going live. Nothing worse than having an audience waiting for your show and the lights won’t turn on — a fate that met President Obama on a livestream hosted by online media giant Buzzfeed with the help of Facebook itself!

3) Simulcasting (showing two videos at the same time on the same page) is possible. Adoptathon in progress?  We want to see all those babies going home AND a behind the scenes view of the volunteers packing their noodles and mice.

4) People are very curious about what happens behind closed doors. Foster check-ups, volunteers making enrichment treats, and kittens being scanned by a Wood’s lamp may be everyday fare for you, but your followers will find this content fascinating.  A shy-Chi playgroup might just do them in.

5) Stay on-air for a longer time to allow more people time to join the show.

6) Relax! People love watching live video because it is raw, uncut, and unrehearsed. Don’t stress, don’t freeze, don’t fret. Just roll with it. Pretend you are giving a close friend a tour of your beautiful shelter and the animals you love. Your fans will love you all the more for being genuine, flaws and all.

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