Meowmaste: Yoga with cats at city shelter takes Miami by storm

June 22, 2017

Back off, downward dog. Yoga’s a cat’s world now — at least, that’s how it is at Challenge shelter Miami-Dade Animal Services. The Million Cat Challenge recently spoke with Miami-Dade’s Lorna Mejia, Chief of Shelter Services and Live Release Programs, and Director Alex Muñoz about  the “Meowmaste: Yoga with Cats” program. First thing on our […]


Behind the new day at Memphis Animal Services

May 24, 2017

Challenge shelter Memphis Animal Services has been in the news lately, thanks to an amazing turnaround led by new director Alexis Pugh. As an article in the Memphis Daily News put it, “When you walk through the doors… you may not recognize the place. Euthanasia rates are low. Relationships with local rescue groups are strong. […]


Sheriff, community come together to save Brevard County’s pets

December 8, 2016

Sheriff, community come together to save Brevard County’s pets What do you think of when you imagine law enforcement running an animal shelter? If you imagine increased lifesaving, innovative programs, an updated shelter, and a community united to keep animals in their homes and get them adopted if that’s not possible, then one of the […]