A Million Cat holiday? It’s in the bag… er, box!

December 21, 2017

A-ho-ho-hoy, Challengers and Supporters!

As you know, a few days from now is one of the most important, even sacred, of all feline events: Boxing Day.

Oh, it may have some other meaning rooted in the dim mists of antiquity or Downton Abbey reruns, but the real story of Dec. 26 is that it’s the day cats get to hang out in all the empty boxes left over from the gift frenzy of the previous day.

After all, science has demonstrated that shelter cats benefit from being given boxes to hide in, and if you’ve spent any time whatsoever on the Internet, you know the love between cat and box doesn’t end at the shelter door.

Do you know what else cats love? Portals. They love them so much that they have now topped the shelter cat “Dear Santa” list for the second year in a row!

We at the Million Cat Challenge strongly believe shelter cats should have everything they want, and for that reason, you’ll be glad to know that portals do come in boxes. Win-win!

With best wishes for a warm and wonderful Boxing Day from all of us at Million Cat HQ,

Kate, Julie, and the Million Cat Team

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