9 tips to get long-stay shelter cats adopted

April 13, 2017

Do your long-term cats have an negative features that are holding them back, or any positive features that could be highlighted?

Here are nine proven tips from Million Cat Challenge co-founder Dr. Julie Levy of the Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida:

1)      Move to the most desirable housing space in the shelter

2)      Enrich the space so that it features the cat looking like a happy pet

3)      Use clicker training to teach a cute trick like giving a high-five to anyone who approaches

4)      Make a video of the cat playing and being sweet, and have it play continuously on an iPad, etc. in the housing area

5)      Put in an off-site adoption location

6)      Eliminate the adoption fee

7)      Provide a free vet care package at a local vet

8)      Make a cage card or adoption poster that is all positive and fun

9)      Engage all adoption and reception staff in a targeted campaign to promote long-stay cats

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