5 benefits of portals for shelter cats

January 9, 2018

Portals aren’t just for sci-fi movies. They can be the greatest things for cats since the discovery of catnip.

Portals are small passageways that convert single-compartment shelter cat housing to double-compartment housing. Here are five not-so-secret reasons why you should give portals a try in your shelter:

1. Portals allows shelters to better meet each individual cat’s welfare needs.
The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare provide a framework to define what it means to meet the needs of any animal in confinement. Portalized housing supports the Five Freedoms by separating food and water from the resting area, and providing sufficient space and proper facilities to allow sheltered cats to express normal behaviors. This also reduces fear and distress by giving cats choices and creating the ability to hide and move away from negative experiences.

2. The use of portals in shelters has been shown to reduce the risk of cats coming down with transmissible diseases.
Cats in housing with portals don’t require handling as frequently, which reduces disease transmission via staff and fomites. Additionally, when cages are portalized, there will be fewer cats in a shelter’s population at any given moment in time, which decreases the overall potential for disease transmission. (Don’t worry – you will still be serving the same number of animals overall; you’ll be doing so more efficiently.

3. Portals save cats’ lives.
Assuring capacity for care also supports success in meeting a Sixth Freedom, the freedom from euthanasia for cats that are neither terminally ill nor dangerous. Providing high quality housing and minimizing length of stay through pro-active management are two key factors in assuring capacity for care for every cat in the shelter.

4. Portalized housing is easier to clean.
Double-compartment housing isn’t just easier on the cats. It’s also easier and faster for staff to clean, because the kitties will move to their other “room” during routine cleaning. That means staff is freed up to enrich cats, help adopters, and dream up wild and crazy adoptions promotions and foster recruitment campaigns!

5. The use of portals can increase adoptions and give your shelter’s image a boost.
Compartmentalized housing can promote friendlier behavior that may increase the likelihood of adoption. That means when members of the public visit your shelter, they see happy, playful cats who are more likely to make a great impression. After all, the public loves seeing happy, engaged cats!

So, has Portalmania hit you, too? The great news is we know the cure, and it takes a mere half-hour. Join us live on Thursday, January 18, at 3 pm Eastern Time for The Hole Truth: Your 30-Minute Guide to Getting Cats Portalized, during which longtime portal queens Drs. Denae Wagner and Kate Hurley will reveal why, when, and how to install portals. Seeing this after that date? Don’t worry – you can view the archived version of the webinar (and all our webinars!) here.



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