Jackson Galaxy is going the distance for cats – literally

June 27, 2016

Million Cat BFF and My Cat From Hell star Jackson Galaxy is hitting the road for shelter cats — he’ll personally drive 1,000 miles to transfer cats and kittens from overcrowded shelters to shelters with the capacity to help more animals than they’re currently housing. From the Jackson Galaxy Foundation release announcing the new program, Operation Homeward Bound:

Alarmed by the urgent situation for cats in their community, Galaxy and his wife Minoo, also an animal rescuer, are taking immediate action. That means that the compassionate couple will be spending their wedding anniversary very untraditionally… on the open road in a transport vehicle, serenaded by meowing cats and surrounded by “aromatic” litter boxes.

Along the 1,000+ mile route from California to Colorado, Galaxy will be chronicling his 16-hour journey, introducing his feline passengers, and interacting with fans. Viewers can tune in live on Monday, June 27th at 10pm ET/ 7:00pm PT via The Jackson Galaxy Foundation’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and via hashtag #JGF1000. The goal is to raise critical awareness and funds to enable Galaxy to continue creating life-saving programs and partnerships with shelters across the country.

Operation Homeward Bound will be the first mission of The Jackson Galaxy Foundation to transport animals from overcrowded shelters to larger capacity shelters with the ability to assist additional pets in need. Galaxy’s foundation has chosen its inaugural partners to include: Best Friends Animal Society-Los Angeles and the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. “I have worked with these hard-working organizations for years,” Jackson adds, “and we share the same commitment to go above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of animals.”

Go with Cat, Jackson and Minoo! The Million Cat Challenge is with you in spirit!

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